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Button Quiz

Let’s journey through the history of the button together. Hopefully, we’ll learn some interesting facts along the way! 1. During what...... Read More

How To Care For Antique Buttons

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How To Choose The Right Length Designer Necklace

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The Secret To Buying Antique Buttons

When I’m at art shows, people are continually amazed by the beauty and craftsmanship of the buttons.  Many times, without even thinking, they’ll...... Read More

Cut Steels

Cut Steel buttons are quintessentially Victorian.  They were made of actual steel and cut so that has a rhinestone quality to it.  The...... Read More

But what kind of outfit were these buttons on?

Many of you have asked me how these beautiful buttons were worn. They were used as ornamentation, much as we use fashion jewelry today. Here are...... Read More

An Easy Guide: How To Identify Vintage and Antique Buttons

4 Ways to Identify Vintage and Antique Buttons Vintage and antique buttons are prized possessions for numerous reasons. These buttons are...... Read More

The History Of Victorian Picture Buttons

I love picture buttons! They are the most interesting to me because they reflect the period of fashion and give us a sense of what the pop culture was...... Read More

Starting Out - Jewelry With A Past

Let me give you a little background on my passion for fashion and collecting beautiful buttons. Jewelry With A Past started with an interest in...... Read More

Jewelry With A Past Gets A Redesign!

Jewelry With A Past Gets A Redesign!

After 5 years, I decided that it was time for an update.  It’s taken some time and a lot of thought, but I think that I’ve got a better...... Read More