Cut Steel buttons are quintessentially Victorian.  They were made of actual steel and cut so that has a rhinestone quality to it.  The craftsmanship and time that it took to make the buttons is seen only in work of bygone years.  Some were riveted into a backing; some were stamped.  The ones that are riveted are heavier than those that were stamped.  These buttons are elegant and decorative and were worn by both men and women.    If you’d like a piece of jewelry made of a cut steel button, contact me.  I have several clasps waiting to be made up.


Studs rivetted onto a thick steel wheel shape.

Studs rivetted to a backing.

Studs rivetted into stamped piece.

Studs rivetted into a backing.

rivetted into stamped brass (?) piece.

Mixed group of smaller buttons.  The two buttons in the second column are stamped; but the third button in the top row has studs rivetted into a stamping as has the fourth button in the bottom row.