When I’m at art shows, people are continually amazed by the beauty and craftsmanship of the buttons.  Many times, without even thinking, they’ll ask, “I’ve never seen anything like this!  So where do you find these antique buttons?”  

At first I was hesitant about giving out the answer.  Was I going to give away my trade secrets?  Was I creating competition?  Then I realized that other people just want to seek out these little pieces of art and history and this can only help my business.  The more, the merrier. The buttons are hard to find and only the persistent find them.  I’m no longer hesitant to let out the secret.  

The answer is, “I find them in antique shops.”  

This will not be an easy find, by any means.  I’m on the lookout all the time.  No matter where I travel, I’ll seek out antique and vintage shops.  I’m an old fashioned shopper because I want to see them, touch them, inspect them before I buy.  Sure, you can also find them on line, but somehow that ruins the fun for me.  When I do find them, I feel like I’ve found a real treasure and it keeps me going for a week.  

One other thing is that you probably won’t find them on the original clothing.  Remember the days when your grandmother used to cut off the buttons before discarding a garment? They did that because the buttons were of value, made of real materials, were beautifully designed, and, quite

frankly, could “make” the garment. Women cut off the buttons on every garment that was not going to be worn again.  Even if the garment was no longer in style or was tattered and in ruins, women kept the buttons.  If you do find the original garment, the cost may be prohibitive.

Some regions of the country have more fruitful searches than others.  We were in California recently and I looked for the little treasures, but had no luck. Here are some of the shops that I went to over the years.  When I have these kind of days I have to find comfort in the  saying, “it’s the journey, not the destination”.

So now you know my secret.  But if you’re looking for something special, why not save yourself the time and get it already to wear?  I’ve got some great finds and you can see them all here in my online shop