Let me give you a little background on my passion for fashion and collecting beautiful buttons. Jewelry With A Past started with an interest in jewelry, history, and sharing the beauty in miniature pieces of art.

I got into this jewelry art show business because I wanted to collect antique Victorian buttons, but didn’t want to have them sitting around my house in boxes. I didn’t want to frame them into art. I just wanted look at them, hold them and then pass them on.

I knew that they were attractive to me, but how do I fashion them into something new and unusual? After a year of thinking “I have something that I want to sell. It is something of beauty, I think. It has history. It is genuine. It’s made of real materials. It’s highly crafted. It’s unique and one of a kind. I know, I’ll sell it at an art show!!” That was it! From there I began my process of selling jewelry! That’s easy!

Then I began to doubt myself.. Whoa, slow down! You’re no artist. You may think you have beautiful jewelry, but who else may think so? You can’t just go and set up shop and sell things like you are an artist! OK, what can I do? How am I going to get rid of this beautiful jewelry so that I can buy more antique buttons and design more jewelry?

I can tell you that when you have these thoughts swimming around in your head for a few weeks, you need a friend who will listen to you. My friend Penny set me straight. She was the one who told me that I did have talent, that I did make beautiful, unique pieces of actual jewelry that were sellable. She was my cheerleader and she was the one who gave me enough courage to apply to an area antique show so that I could show my jewelry to the public.

My First Booth

This was a big step in a number of ways. There was a whole slew of things I needed to do in order to prepare! I had to get a display setup. I had to get a tent. I had to pay an entrance fee. I had to make enough inventory. I had to set a price on my pieces. What were they worth? YIKES, What was I worth!? That was the big question! Each of these were little hurtles that I had to cross.

But a subtle, yet bigger mental hurtle was that I had to shift my mindset. I had to acknowledge that I was an artist, that I did had a sense of design, and I had to start using language that validated these things. I worked in a studio, I was creating, I was using my imagination, I had a sense of style and design. These were the things that I had to get my mind wrapped around. I was armed with inventory of amazing pieces of art, a positive outlook, and nothing but the greatest of expectations when I hit the circuit!

My first show. It was an antique show that was held in St. Petersburg, Florida. Lots of people in attendance. I had to start telling people what they were looking at. It was funny, the more I talked, the more comfortable I became with my new career. It wasn’t about me so much as it was about the jewelry and what the customer was looking at.

So the weekend came to an end. I sold my jewelry. Friends asked me how much I made that weekend. I told them that it wasn’t about how much money I made, but how many pieces I sold. I could now make more jewelry which meant that I could buy more buttons, which was really the whole reason for this. I had achieved my goal. What was going to come next?


Things really just kept rolling for Jewelry With A Past and myself. The more exposure I got, the more I learned and grew in the space of retail and jewelry making. Updates and upgrades came –  art shows, new displays, a website, outpouring of money, expenditure of time, learning how to grow my business and my new life as a working artist.. But the best part was:

I got to go out and buy more buttons YIPPEE!!




My next big phase is e-commerce through this website! It’s been totally redesigned and I’d love to hear from you about how you like it and the jewelry. You can reach me from my contact form below. Thank you so much for being part of what makes Jewelry With A Past so great – I look forward to unveiling more exciting updates in the future and hope to hear form you soon!