Each piece of my antique costume jewelry contains a vintage Victorian antique button, dating from 1880 – 1910, which was selected based on its artistic beauty, authentic materials, and age.  Every antique button has a history and story to it.  Many of the buttons are pictures from opera scenes, fairy tales, and mythology or city settings. The buttons are made from authentic materials such as brass, Mother of Pearl, glass, silver-lustered glass, steel, pewter, silver, enamel, ivory, and bone.  The methods used to make these buttons were cloisonné, champlevé, stamping, molding, and casting, and were tinted, gilded, painted, and engraved.  These unique antique buttons become the centerpiece of the Victorian jewelry and are hand-set in a sterling silver clasp with lock.

The design of each unique handmade jewelry, from our Victorian necklaces to our fabulous vintage bracelets, starts with the button‘s characteristics; color, size and pattern or picture and, based on those characteristics, is beaded with gemstones (onyx, agate, quartz, turquoise, jasper, jade, moonstone, coral, or opal) and/or fresh water pearls.  The custom jewelry piece is handcrafted for the discriminating, sophisticated buyer who is searching for a special, collectible, work of art that can
be worn.

When you see these beautiful works of art you will certainly be grateful that they have been rescued from the obscurity of an antique button box to a place of honor – truly ornaments of inestimable interest and beauty.  Our antique vintage jewelry also makes great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day!