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Antique Buttons. Contemporary Designs.

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Authentic History. Timeless Beauty.

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About The Jewelry

Each piece of my antique fashion jewelry contains a Victorian antique button, dating from 1880 – 1910. These selected based on its artistic beauty, authentic materials, and age. Every antique button has a history and story to it. Many of the buttons are pictures from opera scenes, fairy tales, and mythology or city settings. The buttons are made from authentic materials such as brass, Mother of Pearl, glass, silver-lustered glass, steel, pewter, silver, enamel, ivory, and bone. The methods used to make these buttons were cloisonné, champlevé, stamping, molding, and casting, and were tinted, gilded, painted, and engraved. These unique antique buttons become the centerpiece of the Victorian fashion jewelry and are hand-set in a sterling silver clasp.

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Antique Buttons. Contemporary Designs.

Authentic History. Timeless Beauty.

About Marilyn

Let me give you a little background on my passion for fashion and collecting beautiful buttons. Jewelry With A Past started with an interest in jewelry, history, and sharing the beauty in miniature pieces of art. I wanted to collect beautiful antique Victorian buttons and share them, not just have them sitting around. I believed they were attractive and unique to me, how could I design them into something new and unusual to enjoy them even more? I knew the best way to share my passion for these beautiful buttons was to craft them into intricate and ornate pieces of art to wear. Jewelry With A Past began showing pieces at antique shows from Ohio to Florida, making friends, clients, and memories all along the way. We’ve grown and changed over the years, and now I’m bringing the collection you to online to enjoy and purchase your very own work of art. Thank you for sharing in my passion for history, beauty, and the unique. I hope you enjoy wearing your jewelry as much as I did curating it.

Marilyn, Owner of Jewelry With A Past